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Planning and Preparedness Response Operations and Logistics Recovery
We develop strategic emergency plans tailored to each client's unique capabilities, risk profile, and anticipated needs in collaboration with top executives and decision-makers. Our planning and preparedness expertise includes: Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning (CEMP) Continuity of Operations/Government Planning (COOP/COG) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Planning Homeland Security Policy Development Response Operations & Disaster Logistics Planning Risk Profile Analyses All members of Lightyear Disaster Consulting have experience with disasters. We pride ourselves on responding quickly and effectively. We have extensive experience at the local, state, and federal levels in directing emergency operations and logistical operations in an emergency. Our response operations and logistics expertise includes: Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Leadership and Support Resource Management, Mutual Aid & Logistics Center (LC) Leadership and Support Emergency Resource Supply Chain Analysis Lightyear Disaster Consulting approaches recovery from the perspective of those who have been affected. We develop a deep understanding of how a disaster has affected a community and its members in order to solve problems, develop strong solutions, and recover quickly. Our recovery expertise includes: Recovery plans Policy Development and Implementation Instructional and curriculum development Training and Delivery Federal and State Transportation Disaster Programs Planning and strategy for preparedness and mitigation
Mitigation and Resilience Drone Mapping and Modeling
Hazard Mitigation is specifically dedicated to breaking the cycle of damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. As a result, we prepare you to receive grants that are allocated to qualifying mitigation activities, specifically those that reduce current losses and help prevent further damages. Our Drone Mapping and Modeling Service leverages cutting-edge drone technology to provide comprehensive mapping and modeling solutions for a wide range of industries. Using high-resolution aerial imagery and state-of-the-art software, we capture and process data with exceptional precision. Whether you're in construction, agriculture, environmental monitoring, or any field that benefits from accurate spatial data, our service helps you visualize landscapes, track progress, and make data-driven decisions. Unleash the power of drones for your project, and let us transform the way you see and analyze your world
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