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With over 12 years of experience in the business marketing field, Brittany is an authority on the topic. She has lent her considerable talents to some of the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies, helping them craft marketing strategies that have generated millions in revenue. Her comprehensive understanding of the different marketing tactics makes her an invaluable resource for Lightyear Disaster clients; she is adept at advising them on the most effective approaches for expanding their businesses, before and after a disaster. Rebecca boasts two decades of experience in operations management and provides her clients with invaluable strategies to optimize pre-, during, and post-disaster operations. With an impressive background in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, she also ensures her clients comply with the requisite regulations. Rebecca has extensive experience in developing effective personnel management and fostering successful external relationships that contribute to positive workplace cultures and revenue growth. With over ten years of expertise in fire and emergency management, Tiffany is a preeminent emergency management expert. She has a background in architectural drafting with provides a unique look into business needs from beginning to end. Her adeptness has enabled her to guide her clients through times of great adversity. She has formulated educational courses to cover hazardous material incidents, emergency reactions, and command protocol. Her support of Lightyear Disaster’s clientele has ensured they are prepared for any disaster, as well as augmenting their strength to persevere.
Meet Our Drone
Buzz Our Drone “Buzz” is your aerial surveying and data acquisition solution. Designed for accuracy and efficiency, it soars above to capture high-resolution imagery, topographical data, and spatial information. With cutting-edge technology and expert piloting, it transforms landscapes into detailed maps and 3D models, aiding industries from construction and agriculture to environmental conservation. Harness the capabilities of our Mapping Drone to gain unparalleled insights, streamline operations, and make informed decisions from the skies.
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